Encounters of European Elites in the 19th Century

The research network Encounters of European Elites in the 19th Century aims at conducting renewing and integrated historical research on European elites, their transnational circles, associations and encounters during the 19th Century in Europe. Grown out of a series of expert seminars organized in 2010-2012 ("European élites in the 19th Century. Access to political, social and economic decision-making ") it has the ambition to create a stable historical research program on the subject.

The network thus seeks to facilitate dialogue among those working in academic and public contexts, archives, libraries and anywhere else where historical research on elites and their international encounters is taking place. The EEE-network helps to build relationships and collaborative projects; to communicate funding possibilities, conferences, publications and other events; to share resources for research and teaching, and to produce a sense of community among international researchers working on similar themes.

On this website you can find:

  • Academic announcements including conference calls for papers, publications, workshops and other news of note;
  • Access to the collective information platform of the network
  • Links to other online resources of interest to researchers and students;
  • Guides of archival collections and other research tools;
  • Information on the main participants to the network
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